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You can almost hear echoes of the drill sergeant in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ when you embark on Bootcamp Training. And justifiably so since its origins are in the military where strength and general fitness are a basic part of survival. This intense group activity was picked-up by personal trainers and converted into a fun and social, but still tough, workout that appealed to a broad user group. 

Bootcamp Training equipment is designed for workouts at monitored areas, such as gyms, schools, sports clubs and hotels. The main structure comes alive when a trainer opens up the box with loose fitness equipment and facilitates training.


The exercises are similar to Cross Training in that there is room for all fitness levels. Focus is of course on the exercise, but also getting people to work together and interact during the workout. This is a great motivational factor compelling people to stay active, involved and interested. It is one of the first examples of outdoor training becoming really popular and in its fresh-aired environment, the park is the ideal ‘arena’ to workout and reach that fitness goal in the company and inspiration of others.


What is Bootcamp?

There is some debate about where the expression came from, but it is accepted that it is of American origin and most directly relates to soldiers going through basic training.  

How many people can participate at the same time?

One of the joys of bootcamp is that it is almost a spectator sport – so it is possible to have multiple groups taking turns to participate, encouraging and learning from each other.

Do you have to be part of a team or club to take part?

The additional adrenalin created by taking part with others is a big plus when it comes to bootcamp. You can tackle the course and exercises as an individual, but in reality it is maximised by communal participation. No club? Getting similarly focused people to take part could be the start of a club.


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