Music Play panel 2

The Music Play Panel 2 attracts children immensely with its colorful combinations of rhythm, sounds and tones. They will come back again and again to be part of creative play, on their own or with friends and teachers. The music pipes offer sensory variations with a tonal sound outcome. Children train the hand-eye coordination which is crucial to control of movement and e.g. handwriting. The black rubber flaps can be plunked, or pipes beaten and tunes created. This trains logical as well as creative thinking and invites cooperation and social play. The Percussion Panel is an immense play invitation for children: The drums can be played alone or together. There is room for many users to congregate around them. This encourages social interaction and co-creation when drumming rhythms and singing along. It also stimulates cognition and creativity as children create rules and rhythms together or individually.





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Produktnummer: PCM0031

Produkttyp: Musik & Lär Paneler

Produktgrupp: Fristående Lekutrustning

Side drawing
Plan drawing
Produktbild CAD1
Produktbild CAD2

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Vårt mål är trefaldigt, WOW - STAY - DEVELOP - skapa en WOW känsla som inspirerar till att stanna och genom fysisk och mental lek utvecklas - lär dig mer i vår video om lek.

Skapa din dröm lekplats

Med hjälp av våra dedikerade experter på Kompan Design Studio kan du förvandla din drömlekplats till ett ”playmazing” landmärke som får människor att utbrista – wow!


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Vi har 50 års erfarenhet av att utveckla utemiljöer och hjälper dig gärna med ert projekt.


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